My Story.

Linda Nedilsky, currently residing in Northern Virginia.

Linda  was born in France of military parents, her father being a top musician in the U.S. Air Force Band.

As a young child Linda Nedilsky spent many hours drawing as well as learning a musical instrument. Linda gained a love of art from her mother Marjorie Bates, who was a gifted artist in her own right. In 1973 Linda entered college as a music major and quickly changed her focus to Fine Arts and Education. Stage fright being her motivation for leaving the field of music and pursuing her second passion, fine arts and photography.

In 1980, Linda graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts and Art Education from USM (formerly Memphis State University) and was hired immediately as an art teacher in the Memphis City Schools. Her love of teaching and art allowed her to help inner city school students discover new ways to express creativity and self-expression.

While teaching, Linda continued to pursue art as a professional fine artist.

In 1984 Linda met her wonderful husband Jerry, who encouraged her to continue with her art. They have been married for over 30 years. Linda says, “Jerry has been my greatest fan, and my best critic.”

Linda Nedilsky has received several artist recognition awards over the past few years, as well as being accepted in gallery shows in the past and present.  Ms. Nedilsky was featured as artist of the month in 1998 at Cooper Young Gallery in Memphis, TN.  In 2014, Linda was accepted into a month long exhibit in NYC featuring two modern works that were in honored her mother who passed in 2013 from dementia.

Ms. Nedilsky was accepted into a special VEAA gallery at Cabell Gallery located in  Lexington, VA in the summer of 2016.  In addition, Ms. Nedilsky was selected in July 2016 as Artist of the Month at the England Run Library located in Fredericksburg, Virginia

Her reintroduction to horses a few years ago, led her to a new passion for painting horses.  Her styles can range from modern paintings with bold colors reflecting the energy, power and gracefulness of horses, to more realistic paintings. Linda has sold several commission works as well as her own works in and around the United States.

After a brief break from painting in 2018, Ms. Nedilsky returned to painting her favorite subjects;  pets, horses, wildlife and landscapes.

From the artist:

“I have always enjoyed drawing and painting since I was very young. Painting, for me, has been very healing over the years, and although I have taken breaks from painting now and then, I always return. Painting  helps me step away from the daily stresses of life, to be with God on a more personal level.

It gives me time to reflect and to learn. It gives me peace as I remember my mother.  The day she passed away, I was so overwhelmed, I immediately went to my art studio and  created an abstract  titled, “A View From Above.” which was later accepted into a show in NYC.
I no longer have that painting, but it will always be special to me.

A View From Above.”  tells a story of a woman’s struggles with bipolar disorder and later with dementia. If you look at the painting, imagine one looking from above down on a very chaotic world, streets, sounds, fast motion.. a world out of control for her.  As she leaves this world, she is lifted up to a new life, a life of freedom, as reflected in the half circle lines. A friend of mine said the lines reminded her of angel wings. My mother always loved butterflies. To me, it reminds me of her favorite things.. butterflies and Unicorns.

I miss her very much, but feel that she is next to me, with her arm on my shoulder guiding me through every stroke while I paint.